Everyone Dies Eventually

“Everyone Dies Eventually” is a 45 minute instrumental kaleidoscope of extremes. The album is a visceral work; narrating you as the central character throughout its many soundscapes. T.C. Crosser’s compositions (recorded by renowned string players Maria Im, Jannina Norpoth, Kallie Ciechomski, and Caleigh Drane) are routed heavily through guitar effects pedals, amps, and a large patchpay of found equipment. Taking punk-rock production into the classical music world, “Everyone Dies Eventually” is a journey that breaks conventions of time and tonality.

13 years in the making, the foundation of “Everyone Dies Eventually” came from T.C. Crosser’s first (never publicly released) instrumental work “Mon Autre Moitié” (originally scored for accordion, bells, violin, and cello). Using a decade of punk and grunge band recording techniques, T.C. Crosser was finally able to completely realize his vision with a phenomenal all female all-star team.

The album itself uses reverse looping and a plethora of analog effects to help reflect on the composer’s own journey from a drug addicted homeless vagabond up to now in his mid thirties 5 years sober. The main message behind “Everyone Dies Eventually” is simple: redemption through contemplation.

To score the album a unique technique was developed to route the notation software MIDI data (Finale) into Logic Pro X which then fed into a patch bay of 15 different pedals and amps. This allowed instant realization of what the scores would sound like through the specific effects and equipment prior to tracking the actual string quartet. Most of the process was streamed on Twitch with an emphasis on live user feedback in assisting with the technical aspects. There was even feedback and assistance from producer/DJ Deadmau5 in the beginning stages of this process.

Cellist Caleigh Drane (credits include: Imogen Heap, Ra Ra Riot, Belle and Sebastian) has been a long time contributor to T.C. Crosser’s many works (over ten years running) and was brought on early as the Music Supervisor. This allowed T.C. to push the limits of what the various effects and amps could produce while still maintaining musical coherence to make the process as enjoyable as possible for the string quartet when it came time to tracking.

To truly bring “Everyone Dies Eventually” to life T.C. Crosser enlisted studio-powerhouse Christal Jerez (credits include: Lil’ Kim, Jaafar Jackson, Jay Critch) to oversee and collaborate on engineering, mixing, and mastering. Together they employed unconventional mixing techniques stemming both from T.C.’s rock and instrumental work, Christal’s expertise in Hip Hop and R&B, as well as their mutual love of studio legend Sylvia Massy. The culmination of these talents significantly broadened the scope and they utilized four different recording studios throughout New York City to produce the final album.

Caleigh Drane contracted violinists Jannina Norpoth (credits include: Itzhak Perlman, Jay - Z, Beyoncé, John Legend), Maria Im (credits include: Sara Bareillis, Banda Magda, Daft Punk), and violist Kallie Ciechomski (credits include: New York City Ballet, Snarky Puppy, NY Philharmonic) to track the scores in the studio. Giving them free reign in a collaborative environment, T.C. and Christal took many different takes of many different styles for each song to weave together a “patchwork quilt” that is the album you now hear.

A Note From The Composer:

This two year journey was the most collaborative, ambitious, and experimental project I have embarked on to date. At its core the album is about community and from the very beginning this work was birthed with the hard work and dedication of many people from many different walks of life. While the title can be seen as “provocative” it is also meant as an optimistic statement. Everyone does die eventually; what matters is what we do to contribute to society in the time given.

1. Mon Autre Moitié - D
String Quartet
2. Fearful Of The Momentum
String Quartet
3. Always The Heart Leaks
String Quartet, Analog Drum Machine
4. Mon Autre Moitié - B
String Quartet
5. Let's Have A Tea Party
String Quartet
6. When You Just Need To Say Oww
String Quartet, Piano, Analog Drum Machine
7. Killing My Pathos
Piano, Rhodes Keyboard
8. Here It Is In All Its Glory
String Quartet
9. Mon Autre Moitié - C
String Quartet, Piano
10. Gracefully I Exit
Piano, Rhodes Keyboard
11. Thanks For Everything
String Quartet
12. Everyone Needs A Coat
String Quartet, Piano
13. Mon Autre Moitié - A
String Quartet
14. Everyone Dies Eventually
String Quartet, Piano

Composer / Producer: T.C. Crosser
Engineer / Mixer / Masterer: Christal Jerez

Violin I: Maria Im
Violin II: Jannina Norpoth
Viola: Kallie Ciechomski
Cello: Caleigh Drane
Piano / Percussion: T.C. Crosser

Liner Notes:
Dedicated To Aaron and Mitch
Recorded At: GSI Studios, Platinum Recording Studios, Bunker Studios, Do What Sounds Good Studios
Special Thanks To: Deadmau5, Saul Williams, Slash, EarthQuaker Devices, Ibanez, Jeorge Tripps


Composer / Producer T.C. Crosser has been a multi-faceted behind the scenes force from San Diego to San Francisco to his current home of NY. While his tracks have been used on Microsoft commercials and various TV shows, Crosser has always been that prolific guy in the trenches. He’s worked his multifaceted magic with experimental music for dance companies, producing yet to be discovered garage and punk bands, theatre productions and even reworking Radiohead’s classic OK Computer album for cello, punk drums, piano and eight Broadway singers. Emerging now as a visionary artist in his own right, Crosser brings his cathartic composing style and punk rock sensibilities to his latest experimental instrumental work “Everyone Dies Eventually”.

T.C. Crosser

email: tccrosser@500fingers.com
instagram: tccrosser
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soundcloud: tccrosser